West Side Management is Now Offering Rhino

At West Side Management we understand that moving into a new apartment can be expensive. What if there was a way to keep more of your money in your pocket upfront? With Rhino, apartments in Saratoga Springs and Troy, NY are now new residents the option to sign a lease and move in without the full security deposit. Rhino will help you move in faster with more money left in your pocket. They personalize your monthly price based on your financial situation and work with you to get the best rate.

Here’s How it Works

Apartments team up with Rhino to offer security deposit insurance to those looking to rent. The “security deposit” then gets held by Rhino and paid to West Side Management in the unlikely event that damage was caused by tenant resulting in the loss of the security deposit.

Enrolling in Rhino takes 60 seconds. All you need to do is sign your lease and enjoy your new home! Spend money on things you need right now. All you need is you monthly rent amount, lease dates, and any other pricing information that may affect your policy.

Some things you should know:

  • Rhino is not renter’s insurance and does not protect personal property from loss or damage. You are still required to carry renter’s insurance when you lease with West Side Management.
  • After applying, West Side Management will be notified of your status and the application will proceed.
  • A Rhino policy covers the deposit for a unit. If multiple people share a unit, only one policy is needed.

Landlords still need to protect their property in case of excessive damage and unpaid rent. Rhino gives both renters and property managers peace of mind knowing they are protected while keep money where it’s needed.

Whether you’re looking for a home in an established area or in an up and coming city on the water, discover what it’s like to live in two of the most popular cities in the capital region. Rhino helps you get into your new apartment without breaking the bank. Find your new apartment today!

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