How To Create The Ideal Work From Home Space In Your Apartment

work from home

As many of us are suddenly finding the need to work from home, we have put together some home office design ideas that should help making the transition from office to home office a little easier. As we work down the list of  home office design ideas make sure you keep in mind the amount of space you can carve out for a home office as well as what you NEED to do your job, and do it well. Check out these ideas for make the most out of your apartment space and create a unique and functional workspace.

Easy Home Office Design Ideas

Designate Your Workspace

Finding space in your apartment for a home office doesn’t have to be hard. Even though every room, closet or wall may already have a purpose, here are some crafty home office design ideas to help define your workspace and keep that work-life balance we are all looking for.

  • Create a workstation using wall mounted shelves
  • Turn a closet into a home office
  • Section a portion of a room with room dividers
  • Set up and entry way desk where you may have an entry way table
  • Use a corner desk for a designated corner workspace
  • Utilize a rolling desk or island that you can roll away at the end of a workday.

Essential Workspace Accents

Now that you have your designated workspace, we look at the essential accents needed to make your home office design work for both functionality and style. Here are some ideas to accent your apartment workspace.

  • A comfortable but stylish home office chair to match the surrounding décor
  • Floor and desk lamps not only create a softer warm glow that is better than overhead lighting but allow for endless design possibilities
  • Use wall mounted monitors to free up additional desk space
  • Adding stylish shelves or file cabinets will help hide necessary office supplies you need but don’t necessarily want to look at everyday

Decorating Your Workspace

Now on to the fun part of your home office designs, decorating! Although first and foremost your space should functional, you also want to enjoy the space your spending a lot of your day in. Here are some fun and easy decorating ideas for your home office design!

  • Brighten up the space with greenery and in the process reduce stress
  • Add pops of color, either through your chair, lamps, art or more
  • Add inspiration boards to keep up the positivity
  • Add an accent rug to not only help define the workspace area from the rest of the apartment but also add that pop of color
  • Use fun frames (but not too many)
  • Use a fun mug while at work, ok this might not be decorating but it’s fun!

Additional Tips For Your Work From Home Office

When gathering your home office design ideas here are some additional tips to consider when putting together your plan.

  • Keep in mind what rooms or areas have the best natural light
  • Make sure you clean up at the end of the day, put away extra papers, pens and notebooks to keep your work separate from your home life
  • When you clock out for the day you can do just that enjoy your home without the distraction of doing additional work

As most of us continue to work from home, we hope these home office design ideas help get you set up for success.